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On March 19th, 2014 Balzac will release their latest single, entitled ‘WONDERWALL’. There will be a CD pre-release at Club Varon on March 8th in Osaka. The single includes three new tracks, including the title track, ‘Allergy’, ‘One-Eyed’. As an added bonus, the band has also included the 10th anniversary version of ‘Beware of Darkness 2013′, which has seen a re-mixed vocal track from the original sound-source, creating this new 2014 mix.

In addition to the regular edition, Balzac is also putting out a limited edition ‘Special Set’ which includes a second CD-r with alternate versions of the songs on the regular edition release. A T-shirt is also included in the set. We are currently taking orders for both sets now at Shocker World Wide!


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It’s been roughly two years since Balzac has put out a full-length album… and they are really making up for lost time with ‘BLACKOUT’, their 10th album! The album is one of their tightest, and cohesive, to date. The album includes new versions of ‘Bleeding Black’ and ‘Deranged’, singles which were released over the last few months. The album includes 13 tracks and is available now through Shocker World Wide.

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